March 2021 Sr Shoot Out


Villages Bowling

Sr Shoot Out

March 20, 2021


Dennis Rakauskas


& a Champion's shirt
courtesy of
Gotta Get Your Name On!
Shirts & Embroidery
Bichara Blvd
The Villages, Fl
plus a paid entry into the
April 2021
Sr Shoot Out




Runners up  Sam Bass 210 $225.00  
3rd Place Rick Pittman 194 $150.00  
4th Place Greg Carter (S) 179 $125.00  
  Semi Finalist $90.00 each Mike Davidson Rory Peterson Roger Bowker
4th Rd Cut $70.00 Each Larry Kurth Doug Becker Chuck Richardson
    Morris Sauerbrun Kevin Williams Gary Taubert
3rd Rd Cut $50.00 each Rick Bucceri Todd Agee Ron Nazzaro
    David Herr (S) Tony Acosta James Luck
    Zeb Riggs (S) Roger Tramp (S) Adam Colton
    Steve Ferraro Don Grosso Warren Schmidt (S)
 2nd Rd Cut $40.00 each John Younger (S) Michael Owen Bob Caputo (S)
    Jack Heimel Ed Slusser Dan Gagnon (S)
    Juliam Herradon Willie Vargas Mark Scime
    Mark Robson Mike Daley Lester See
    Steven Duray (S) John Cardinal David Artzner
    Terry Rothermel (S) Garry Roseboom (S) Russ Ryss (S)
    Ken Smith Bill Morgan (S) Michael Peltier
    Gary Bondarchuck Robert Vega  
 Hi Qualifiers Regular Rick Pittman 780 Hi Qualifiers
   Super Senior Roger Tramp 743 receive 2nd Rd BYE
1st Rd Cut  636 Super Seniors 25 10 made 1st cut, 3 added  
  300 Games Both bowlers will receive
a personalized tote
courtesy of the
Generations Pro Shop



Rick Pittman (top) &

Mike Davidson (bottom)

both tossed a 300 game

during the qualifying round


Congrats also to Todd Agee & Morris Sauerbrun for very nice 299 games


Total Bowlers: 85 entrants, paid 48 entrants

Next Event date: April 17th, 2021 @ 11:00 am @ Fiesta Bowl

Open to all bowlers age 55 & older

Next Event Flyer / 2020-21 Season Tournament Rules / Entry Form


Thanks to all the bowlers for a fantastic turn out & great scoring

for our 7th Sr Shoot Out event of the 2020-21 season

Our next event ... April 17th, 2021 @ 11:00 am @ Fiesta Bowl